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My artworks express the core of joy and the heart of life either in figurative or abstract photography.

In  my portrait photography, having a natural empathy for people helps me capture a candid approach reflecting the energy of those I photographs, allowing to perceive and capture their true personality. I prefer natural environments where I can seize people with natural light

My purpose is to create a story and to hold a moment that people will recall throughout their whole life. “I create memories that last a lifetime” 

My abstract photography is visually subjected to color and light.

I work with images “stolen” from the instants of life. I grab sudden reflections over the objects, the abrupt apparitions of colored fields combined with geometric forms and their pictorial shapes which at the end it is no more than the metaphysical power of light and its energy.

My images convey the invisible spirit of life and the unseen aspects of the energy. In this sense, when the viewer sees my photos he or she captures color fields, dynamic motions, rhythms or sparkling lights, that either fade out or repeat consecutively into cinematic chromed scenes. It is an experience of pure perception of color and light that at the end express the continuum of the existence. My abstract photographic work presents imperceptible segments and fleeting moments beyond the material reality that the non-trained eye cannot see.




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